Fun spoof video on the bumps that occur at weddings between videographers and photographers.
Fun spoof created by The Camera Store. Take a 61 second break and enjoy!
Behind the scenes glamour photo shoot of exotic model Brianna Martinez by fashion photographer Arthur St. John. Watch carfully to catch his lighting setup. He’s using a small bounce umbrella and a beauty dish to create some really awesome light on Brianna. There’s some nice post processing in there too but it starts with great light.
Photographer Ben Sant on shooting beach pinup style photographs using speedlights “strobist” style. Ben covers his camera and light settings for balancing the available ambient light with off camera speedlighting as the shoot progresses as the sun sets.
The final part in a 4 part series on beauty retouching by Sean Armenta of Fstoppers. This episode covers finishing touches.
Part 3 in a series on beauty retouching by Sean Armenta of Fstoppers. This episode covers detail enhancement including using Imagenomic’s Portraiture Photoshop plugin.
Part 2 in a series on beauty retouching by Sean Armenta of Fstoppers. This episode covers retouching stray hair.
Part 1 in a series on beauty retouching from Fstoppers by Sean Armenta.
Tips and examples for good photographic composition.
Fstoppers Lee Morris does a fashion photo shoot using an iPhone 3gs. The point being that it’s not the camera that makes the shot.
Photo shoot with photographer Arthur St. John. Great techniques, great modeling, great lighting!
Behind the scenes – great photo shoot video. This young model does an awesome job in her moves and expressions. That combined with photographer David Hofmann’s work makes for some really great photographs.
That Nikon Guy Matt Granger shares his explanation of the 3 important exposure settings: aperture, shutter speed and ISO and how the affect your images.
Some basic techniques for improving your portrait photography techniques.
Demonstartion fashion photo shoot shot on location using speedlights and shoot through umbrellas.
Tutorial with five lighting setups for model photography. Four of the light setups use studio lights with modifiers and the fifth setup using natural light and a reflector.
A 35 second slideshow show some examples examples of photographs turned into miniature worlds using a tilt lens effect with Photoshop.
How to create a miniature looking world.A tilt lens can give a photographic scene a minature look. Here’s one way to create a tilt lens effect in Photoshop.
Part 2 of Jared Polin’s tips for shooting backlit portraits.
Jared Polin shares tips for shooting backlit portraits.
Fstoppers video of a photo shoot with photographer Sam Youcm where you see parts of the shoot, hear his explanation of his technique and a great demonstration of some of his Photoshop beauty retouching. Full post at Fstoppers.